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Buying a reconditioned engine may be the best decision a car owner will make against a new one. There are many advantages to a reconditioned engine one of which and possibly the most important would be the financial savings, a new engine will instantly depreciate in value. A reconditioned engine will also go a long way to reducing your carbon footprint as all the components that can be reused will be. A reconditioned engine can also be more dependable than a brand new unit as each component will be checked to ensure its reliability. If you are looking for a high quality replacement engine for your vehicle then Audi Engine Specialists is the way to go. Why you should choose an Audi reconditioned engine?



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Buying a reconditioned engine may be the best decision a car owner will make against a new one. There are many advantages to a reconditioned engine


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Vehicle replacement costs are among the biggest expenses faced by everyone. However, a reasonable alternative to purchasing a new vehicle, in some cases, is engine replacement, which could save you thousands of pounds not just in the cost of the alternative engine, but also in fuel economy and reliability.

A reconditioned engine will be as close as can be to having a new one fitted. All core material, head and block castings, crankshaft, camshaft and rods, are carefully inspected, checked against original equipment's measured specifications for accuracy.

The advantage of a reconditioned engine is that, even though it is built on a used block, it has all new internal components and it is guaranteed by Audi Engine Specialists with a six month unlimited mileage warranty. Every internal part of your reconditioned engine will be renewed to ensure that it is as reliable as a brand new unit.

If your vehicle is generally in a sound overall mechanical condition, then Audi Engine Specialists will be the answer, it would be a complete waste of money to replace the whole vehicle if it is only the engine that has failed. Audi Engine Specialists are renowned for their expertise and experience in the engine re manufacturing industry. The professional team of Audi engine specialists carry out reconditioning engines in their state of the art workshop.

When purchasing a reconditioned engine from Audi Engine Specialists, the life and value of your vehicle will be extended, giving you a reliable, cost effective vehicle for many years to come.

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