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Terms & Conditions:

By using our services the customer agrees to these Terms and Conditions unconditionally and these Terms and Conditions form a binding contract between the Customer and the Company.
1. This Agreement only applies to the selected services and no other. No alteration of these terms shall be valid unless confirmed in writing and signed on behalf of the Company or by a manager of the Company.
2. Once an order has been accepted by the Company it can only be cancelled by the customer with the agreement of the Company. The customer will pay the company for any and all costs, charges or expenses sustained by the Company up to the point of cancellation.
3. The quotation for engine fitting is an approximation of the likely cost of supply and fitting, we will advise you of any changes to the time or additional costs once apparent.
4. The Company will endeavour to complete repairs by the date and time requested but will not accept any responsibility for any delays caused by factors outside the Company’s control.
5. If you exchange your old engine, we may reduce the price of the new one depending on the condition of the old one still being serviceable.
6. Any additional charges owed to the Company must be paid in full on collection or prior to delivery. The customer must pay the amount agreed in full including any additional charges including delivery charges.
7. The Company accepts no responsibility for loss of or damage to a vehicle or its contents left in the vehicle. The customer is advised to remove all the valuables prior to the start of the work.
8. The Company will give a 6 months unlimited mileage warranty from the date of completion and is given to the owner of the vehicle at the time of completion and is not transferable. The warranty covers the engine block, cylinder head and all internal components.
9. The warranty does not cover parts supplied with the engine such as water pump, diesel pump, timing components and any other components used from your original engine.
10. This warranty shall not apply where: a) the defect or fault is due to the materials and ancillaries supplied by the customer. b) the vehicle is used for competition, record attempts or racing. c) the vehicle is damaged by wear and tear, neglect, rust or failure to maintain in line with the manufacturers’ recommendations. The vehicle has been damaged in any accident.
11. After your unit has been fitted, the vehicle must be returned to us for servicing after 1,000 miles, at the customer’s expense. If the vehicle is not brought back to us, then the warranty shall be invalid.
12. In the event of a claim full service records are kept for inspection. This warranty will not cover any defect, damage or breakdown resulting from misuse, negligence or collision and will not apply if the repair is as a result of fair wear and tear.
13. When making a claim for any reason, please contact us either by phone or email and one of our customer service representatives will advise you how to proceed and what steps need to be taken.
14. All claims are dealt with on individual basis and we try to handle claims as quickly and efficiently as possible.
15. All written notices given by the Company to the customer shall take effect after 24 hours of the normal course of mail delivery to the invoice address.

020 8595 6667 , 079 6756 6666

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